Graceful Warrior Retreat


16:00 Thursday, 8th August to 12:00 Sunday, 11th August


Celebrate Women's Day 2019 with a Yoga & Meditation Retreat. Are you ready to step into your power?

We will focus on using yoga, meditation and various processes to help you rediscover your innate feminine power. We have been led to believe that women are the weaker sex but we know that women are strong, powerful, transformative, gentle, nurturing, kind and graceful. The strength of women is not in our muscles but in our resilience, vitality and dedication to those we love, nurture and support.

This retreat offers the opportunity to reconnect with the polarities of strong, soft leadership. Brene Brown teaches us to have STRONG BACK, SOFT FRONT AND A WILD HEART!

You will be guided to experience how this philosophy can transform your relationship to Self, Others and the world at large.
These tools will help you:
- to love yourself with grace
- see past limiting beliefs and decisions
- reclaim the wholeheartedness you are made for
- engage the wisdom of your head, heart and belly
- cultivate the generative, tender and brave place love asks us to stand in

Through yoga, experiential exercise and discussion we will explore how you can show up with Grace for the gifts that life and love long to bestow upon you.


R3500 per person sharing. All meals are included and will be beautiful nourishing vegetarian fare.


Denise has been practicing yoga since 1999 and trained as a Sivananda teacher 12 years ago in Kerala, India and has been teaching ever since. As a teacher she is privileged to share the teachings of Kundalini & Sivananda Yoga. Denise guides her students in how to take the sometimes esoteric teachings of yoga and anchor them in tools in a practical way to realise them in everyday life.

Using yoga, meditation and gentle processes from various disciplines her students are guided to a space of peaceful, radiance. Denise is a qualified NLP coach for women and her passion is empowering women to reach their fullest potential and break through the glass ceilings that they create for themselves.

"I believe that everyone deserves to be their best selves: energized, focused, strong and healthy in mind and body. I believe that every women is a leader and has the potential to change the world. my passion is to help women unpack their limiting emotions, beliefs and decisions so that they can realise their full potential. I believe that every woman CAN be strong, successful and peaceful in mind & body.โ€


Denise Sohandev 083 387 3866 | for more info