Immersion with Dave Gardner


3rd - 9th September, 2019



The immersion will be facilitated by David Gardner and will consist of physical & mental practices studying the human form & function, mechanics & technique, researching the unknown, learning to play again, with an emphasis on self-study. An experience to cultivate awareness, expand your potential and learn how to move in an open free form way. Whether you are a complete beginner or committed practitioner this process will empower you with tools on how to cultivate presence, clarity, adaptability, creativity and patience in yourself and your movement.

Take the next step with yourself and book your spot for this in depth and expansive learning process for a variety of people from varying backgrounds with the unified vision of moving and living freely.

About Dave:

I go by Dave.
And I am first and foremost a student.

My proposition is called Original Condition.
Original Condition is an ongoing community research project into the enquiry of human capacity. Movement, meditation, immersion into natural environments and communication are tools explored to investigate what our original condition could be. The aim is to cultivate awareness around stimulus and response.

My experience so far has been influenced and inspired by Henry Madini of CAMA Muay Thai SA, Jim Harrington and Simon Borg-Olivier of Yoga Synergy, Aditi Gaur of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, Cameron Shayne of Budokon University, David Aghion of Gracie Barra, Richie Lowe of Renzo Gracie Cape Town, Leilah Kirsten’s Movement Practice, Richard-Dean Sumares’ Crawl Project, Tom Weksler’s Movement Archery, Tomislav English’s Ferus Animi Terra Nova and Iesu Escalante’s Shifting methods, Shaolin Wushu and Acrobatics.

My process is to study with these and other teachers, to research through my personal practice and develop a way in which we all contribute to one another’s lives and work. What I discover through my study and practice is what I share. My work is to assist and facilitate the individual to create their own path through self-awareness.

I currently host masterclasses, weekend workshops, monthly immersion’s, and retreats in South Africa and abroad.
I look forward to meeting and sharing with you soon.
Big love, Dave

Schedule and rates to be confirmed soon.