Nutritional Yoga Retreat

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1st - 3rd March 2019


Kaz Wilson, Internationally Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (Level 2) and Nutritionist, and Matt Wilson, the Vegan Cook of Moontree, will take you through a weekend of wholesome nourishment for the mind, body and soul. 

In isiZulu, Pumula means “place of rest”… Here you will receive all of this within the magical gardens of Pumula Retreat. The Yoga sessions will be in the most beautiful wooden-glass studio, completely within Nature, while buck graze under the shade of the Coastal Dune Forest & the song of the birds and Cicadas will carry you to a place of peace & tranquillity. We will enrich and revitalise your body, preparing and serving delicious Plant-based food which is both Gluten & Sugar-Free. 

Pumula Retreat provides you with luxury accommodation to provide a super restful experience.



Restorative Yoga 6 till 7pm followed by dinner & dessert 7h15


Sunrise Yoga & gentle energising Pranayama class 6h30-7h30am

Breakfast 8am

Yoga: Energising Backbend Class 10h30-12h30

Lunch 1pm

Sprouting Demo 14h30

Yoga: Detoxing Twisting class 16h00-17h00pm

Supper & dessert 18h00


Sunrise Yoga & gentle energising Pranayama 6h30-7h30am

Breakfast 8am

9am Nut-Milk making demo    

Cooling the Mind Forward Extension Yoga 10h30-12h30

Lunch 13h00


Our rates vary by room and sharing or single. See a full description of the accommodation here.

Main House:

Sunrise (sea view, private bathroom down the corridor): R2660

Duiker  (sea view, shared bathroom): R2580

Loerie  (forest view, ensuite): R2780

Hyrax (forest view, shared bathroom): R2440


Hornbill (forest view, shared bathroom): R2580

Bushbuck (forest view, shared bathroom): R2580