Pumula Retreat is situated on the subtropical East Coast of South Africa, 120km south of Durban, in the Umzumbe area. The large property boasts breath-taking sea views, has direct access to the forest, and is only 1km away from the beach. The attraction of the location is the quiet environment, the privacy and the spectacular natural surroundings. The South Coast boasts sunny weather all year around and the warm Indian Ocean allowing outdoor activities to be carry out such as surfing, scuba diving, horse riding, hiking, paragliding, etc.  

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Spending a weekend at a retreat surrounded by like-minded people to focus on releasing tension has a tremendously positive effect on people. During these retreats, guests learn how to cope with their stress, which enable them to live a more content life when they go back to their busy lives.  

Pumula Retreat offers a dedicated space for teachers to run retreats with their students in a peaceful and safe environment, enabling fellow practitioners to gather and work on their personal development. The affordable wellness centre allows the teachers to run their retreats and be ensured that the quality of food, teaching space and accommodation meet their expectations, which allow teachers to focus on their teaching only.

The glass yoga studio at the bottom of the garden surrounded by the trees provides a unique yogic experience with nature.

The retreat is also opened as a guesthouse when retreats are not booked, for people to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and other activities. It is also available for corporate to organize weekend’s getaway/training.



The large well wooded garden around the retreat – 18 700m² enables the guests to reconnect with nature and spot the local wildlife such as duiker, bushbuck (local antelope) and birdlife as well as finding peace and tranquillity amongst the trees. Walks to the beach and the forest are available from the garden.